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Hape Family Pets

Hape Family Pets

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  • Suitable for 3Y and above
  • Highly-detailed design featuring three kinds of pets with different places to sleep, and food for each. Great to teach children how to raise pets and learn their eating habits
  • Playing with these furry friends stimulates children's imaginative thinking and story-telling skills
  • Complete the Hape Happy Family series with these lovable wooden animals
  • The sturdy animal playset is finished with non-toxic paints which are safe and won’t fade
  • The lovable puppy, snuggly cat and chipper bunny each come with their home and food bowl

Product Description

The perfect dollhouse is incomplete without the perfect pets! The Hape Family Pets Set features a cat, bunny, and puppy, along with their matching accessories for tail-wagging fun! Each quality-crafted pet has its own place to sleep, a food bowl, and a treat or toy to help it get comfortable in a nice, new home and with a loving family.

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