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healing amber

Healing Amber Raw Molasses ~ Circle ~ 6.5 inch (stretch)

Healing Amber Raw Molasses ~ Circle ~ 6.5 inch (stretch)

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6.5 inch raw molasses genuine baltic amber
stretch bracelet

Size: 6.5 inch
Shape: circle
Finish: matte
Style: bracelet (stretch will not allow for an anklet)
Material: raw baltic amber
Amber is thought to bring 'good luck'.
Amber is meant to be worn, never ingested or chewed.
Never leave children unattended around amber jewelry.
Baltic Amber is a fosilized tree resin & comes in a variety of colours and shapes. Baltic Amber has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent, jewelry and decoration. Baltic Amber contains 3-8% succinic acid, which is believed to help with pain while wearing it. Succinic acid is a natural analgeisic and healing agent.

Our amber pieces are hand made by our team of artisans in Lithuania. All sizes are approximate and have up to a 1 inch variance with necklaces and 1/2 inch variance with bracelets. They all have smooth rounded edges and have many variations within their own category - no two beads are alike (colour, shape and size)!
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