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Mideer Girls Tattoos (Princess 253pc)

Mideer Girls Tattoos (Princess 253pc)

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253 Nail and skin temporary tatoos. Cut out the design of your choice and remove the transparent film. Press tatoo design facing down to your skin. Wet with water the backing paper. Wait 25 seconds and peel off the backing paper.

Your kids will love it!

  • It contains more than ten temporary tattoos each set which is printed with non-toxic ink.
  • Waterproof and high-quality colour tattoos. Bright colours, amazing details and kid-friendly themes.
  • Long last for a week(depends on how many showers your kids take and how many times he/she scrub the tattoo with soap and water).
  • Easy to apply in 10 seconds with just water.
  • Easily removed by a body oil or olive oil.
  • Great fun for parties.
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