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Plus Plus

Plus Plus Learn To Build Mega Set (1200 PC)

Plus Plus Learn To Build Mega Set (1200 PC)

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Plus-Plus allow kids of all ages to create mosaics and 3D designs.

Even curves are possible thanks to the design of this unique shape!

Plus-Plus stimulates the imagination, motor skills and creativity of children.

It appeals equally to boys and girls and provides hours of play. Durable fun lasting a childhood – that is the essence of Plus-Plus.

Which item do you want to build first?

Will it be a super cool police car to patrol the streets, a helicopter where you fly high above the city to see everything, or will it be a 4 floors parking garage with room for several cars?

You can also build a name tag mosaic to put on the door to your room.

Plus-Plus: One Shape – Endless Possibilities.


-700 basic color blocks

-300 neon color blocks

-50 Gold, 50 Silver, 50 Flesh and 50 Glow in the Dark color blocks

-4 base plates and a guide book

-Age 5+

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