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Stonz Linden - Haze Pink

Stonz Linden - Haze Pink

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Casual & cute baby slippers with functional design - these soft-soled baby shoes go on easy, and stay on! The Linden Shoe features an elastic cuff that opens extra-wide and will stay in place through all your little one’s crawling & climbing fun.

The curved heel cups of these shoes are specifically designed to fit a baby's foot, while also helping the shoe bend and move with your little one.
The soft vegan materials provide all day comfort for newborns to early walkers. A perfect choice for daycare, playtime & stroller walks. 

  • Easy on & Stays On: Stretchy elastic cuff opens extra-wide for easy on, and keeps the shoe in place through all day play. 
  • Safe for early walkers: the grippy vegan suede soles with zero-drop heel supports developing feet muscles and helps balance as babies learn to pull up & cruise.
  • Soft & comfortable: Perfect for newborns and early walkers that need a comfortable shoe to protect their toes but won’t walk long distances.
  • Made for wiggly babies: No more lost shoes! The stretchy elastic cuffs on the Linden keep them locked to your baby’s ankles all day long.
  • Baby-proof: Made from non-toxic vegan materials. We know even shoes make it into their mouths!
  • Vegan & eco-friendly: The stain-resistant vegan leather is UV and scratch-resistant, easy to clean and handles abrasion well. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.
  • Toe Protection and Flexibility: Toe puff protects toes & gives more room for toes to move and flex.
  • Protective insoles: insole cushions and protects the sole of the foot from any sharp edges or unfamiliar textures.
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